Current Affairs On 20th January 2021 For All Competitive Exams

Current Affairs On 19th January 2021

1)Who became the first person in India to receive the COVID-19 vaccine?

A) Manish Kumar


2) Who has been appointed as the brand ambassador of Bihar’s anti-drug program?

A) Jyoti Kumar


4) What is the name of the Bike Ambulance launched by DROD and CRPF?

A) Rakshita


5) Which state government inaugurated the first bird festival called “Kalrab“?

A) Bihar


6) Harsh Vardhan has inaugurated which Weather Radars in Uttarkhand and Himachal Pradesh?

A) Doppler


7) Which country has signed a $12.7 million deal with GRSE, Kolkata for building a naval vessel?

A) Guyana


8) Which countries have been designated as “Major Strategic Partners ” by the US?

A) Bahrain and UAE


9)Who has launched the “National Road Safety Campaign” in India?

A) Nitin Gadkari


10) In which country, the first national election will be held in the year 2021 after a long time of 14 years?

A) Palestine


11) Recently, Yoweri Museveni has won the sixth term as the President of which country?

A) Uganda


12) Which national’s Prime Minister has invited PM Narendra Modi for the G7 summit this year?



13) Who wrote the book titled “The Commonwealth of Cricket“?

A) Ramchandra Guha


14) Kamal Morarka, who has passed away recently was related to which field?

A) Politics


15) KVIC signed two agreements to create employment which minister?

A) Minister of tribal affairs


17) Which of the Following Banke has offered interest-free Cash on Credit Card?

A) IDFC First


18) Which famous personality has recently passed away, Who served as Former Union minister and noted industrialist?

A) Kamal Moraka


19) Who has been appointed the “President of Uganda

A) Yoweri Museveni


20) Defence Research and Development Organization has handed over Motor Bike Ambulance to the Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF), What is the name of the Ambulance?

A) Rakshita


21) Who is appointed as the Chairman of SOMNATH Temple?

A) Narendra Modi


22) Who has been Re-appointed as the Managing Director and CEO of RBL bank?

A) Vishwavir Ahuja


23) TheĀ  UN Human Rights Council has elected whom as its President for 2021?

A) Nazahat Shameen Khan


24) Which of the following ministers has launched the Faceless Penalty Scheme?

A) Minister of Finance


25) Shakrain Festival, an annual kite festival, celebrated in which country?

A) Bangladesh


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