AP SBTET Standard Operating Procedure To Be Followed During Diploma Examinations-reg.

AP SBTET Standard Operating Procedure To Be Followed During Diploma Examinations-reg.

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  1. Entire examination centre floors and walls, doors, gates, should be sprayed with disinfectant.
  2. Fresh mask and gloves to be used by exam functionaries.
  3. Sanitizer bottles should be arranged at the entry gate, examination rooms, staff/observer room etc. and should be replenished regularly.
  4. All liquid hand wash bottles should be replenished in restrooms and entry gate whenever required.
  5. Candidates seating area should be thoroughly sanitized (Desk and the chair) after every session.
  6. All the washrooms should be cleaned and disinfected.
  7. All door handles, staircase railing lift buttons, etc. should be disinfected.
  8. Wheelchairs, if present at the examination centres, should be disinfected.
  9. All the trash bins should be cleaned.
  10. Exam functionary must submit self-declaration about health status.
  11. Thermo gun temperature check must be done at staff entrance point.
  12. Exam functionary needs to wear the mask and gloves at all time.
  13. Cleanliness and hygienic conditions to be maintained at all places.
  14. Proper signages, symbols, posters etc. should be displayed at appropriate place to maintain social distancing.
  15. Avoid crowding at entry and exit points
  16. There should be proper markings with at least 2 meter distance where students stand while waiting for opening of the college gate. Exit of students should permitted one by one only.
  17. Thermal Screening of students, wearing of face mask, sanitizing of hands etc. be ensured.
  18. The invigilators, while on duty, should be continuously wearing mask, and proper hand gloves.
  19. The students should be asked to sanitize their hands before and after signing the Attendance Sheet.
  20. Students having symptoms of fever, cough and cold should be either made to sit in a separate room.
  21. Minimum distance between two students should be 2 meters.
  22. Adequate arrangements for safe drinking water be made on the campus.
  23. Adequate supply of water in toilets and for hand washing be ensued.
  24. Proper sanitization of buses, other transport and official and vehicles of the institutions.
  25. In case there is a restriction on movements in certain areas, admit/identity cards should be issued to the students.


Co1.1 Co1.2 Co1.3 Co1.4
Candidate’s Roll No. Candidate’s Roll No. Candidate’s Roll No. Candidate’s Roll No.
1 4 7 10
Empty Empty Empty Empty


2 5 8
Empty Empty Empty Empty


3 6 9